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Creative Biolabs: Advancements in Developing Molecular “Transporters”-Liposomes

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Creative Biolabs: Advancements in Developing Molecular “Transporters”-Liposomes

May 24
22:44 2024
Creative Biolabs has achieved significant advancements in lipid-based carrier development, particularly in cationic liposomes.

New York, USA – May 24, 2024 – Liposomes, as nanoscale vesicular structures, are known for their high biocompatibility and ease of modification. Cationic liposomes, in particular, possess a positively charged surface that can interact electrostatically with negatively charged cell membranes and genetic materials (such as DNA and RNA), thus effectively “transporting” genetic material into cells.

“Creative Biolabs has developed various types of liposome products based on these characteristics. For example, conventional liposomes, cationic liposomes, and immunoliposomes,” according to an expert at Creative Biolabs, “are crucial tools for cancer research.”

Creative Biolabs continuously innovates in liposome research, focusing on improving delivery efficiency and targeting specificity. By developing new cationic lipid materials and surface modification technologies, Creative Biolabs optimizes the physicochemical properties of liposomes, enhancing their stability and targeting capability in genetic material delivery.

“To improve targeting, we modify the liposome surface with specific ligands or antibodies, enabling them to recognize and bind to specific cells or tissues. For example, liposome carriers targeting tumor cells are modified with antibodies on their surface, allowing precise delivery of anticancer drugs to tumor sites, thereby enhancing therapeutic efficacy while reducing side effects on normal cells,” added the expert.

Creative Biolabs develops cationic liposomes such as DOTAP liposomes for cancer research, which are particularly effective in transfecting various cell types, including primary and suspension cells. DOTMA, an analogue of DOTAP, differs in that ether bonds, rather than ester bonds, connect the fatty acids to the propyl backbone.

“We also use methods like quantitative PCR, Western blotting, or fluorescence microscopy to evaluate the success of DOTAP transfection.”

Similarly, for cancer research and targeted delivery, Creative Biolabs offers DDAB liposomes. For optimizing the liposome formulations, the research team adjusts the lipid composition, drug-to-lipid ratio, and preparation methods according to different experimental needs.

Creative Biolabs provides various customized liposome reagents for clients involved in liposomal drug delivery research. “Our experienced formulators use the highest quality lipid materials and advanced technology platforms to produce liposome products that are user-friendly and cost-effective.”

In addition to providing suitable products, Creative Biolabs can also conduct various in vitro and in vivo assays to evaluate the efficiency of cationic liposome-mediated drug delivery.

For more liposome products, please visit https://www.creative-biolabs.com/lipid-based-delivery.

Company Overview

As a leading global biotechnology company, Creative Biolabs continues to focus on innovation and application of liposome technology, driving ongoing advancements in the fields of gene therapy and drug delivery.

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